Charles Webb 62 years


Charles Webb 62 years
Sex Male
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Country: USA
Region: Tennessee
City: Knoxville


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Purpose of dating: Can show the city, Go for a walk together, Looking for a companion for a trip abroad, Looking for a girlfriend, Looking for a wife, Looking for a woman for open relationship, Looking for friends to communicate, Tourist assistance
Additional: Blogger, Cosplay, Creative personality, Folk, Football fan, Gamer, Role play
Nationality: American
Religion: Christianity
About: Nice, decent, good older gentleman. Creative, shy, caring. Compassionate, loving, intelligent, honest, devoted, passionate, faithful, kind, sweet, romantic, affectionate, helpful, understanding. W/few vices. The kind of man your parents & friends want you to marry. Writer, friend, believer. Talkative, but a good listener as well. Somewhat opinionated. Tend to speak just what I think & feel. A knight-in-a bit-tarnished-armor. A little bit old-fashioned & kind of a flirt. I'm sort of the ol' lump of coal that hides the precious diamond inside.One who stands up for what he believes & what is right & just.Tolerant Loyal.Lover of theatre, humor, chess, board games, and the beauty of ladies (But truly a one-woman-man!) A bit of a homebody who considers love, home, hearth, wife, & family his top priority.However, I am lacking that wife & family. So lonely, searching, looking for that special one-of-a-kind woman.My soulmate.Happy for new friends, all over the world, but do want a wife mostly!
I want to learn: Anything new, that I don't already know. About other cultures, people, & places.
I can teach: School
Favorite movies: Just about anything (except for gore & modern horror), especially classic films, fantasy, romantic-comedies, drama, (But, again, am a cinema & film buff, so like most genres.)
Favorite music: 70s, soft rock, country, pop
Favorite books: Fantasy, mystery, sci-fi
Offer: One slightly used lonely heart needing to be filled with your love. (Included: One wedding ring & life together forever. All that I am, have, & will ever be. Heart, mind, body, & soul! All yours in exchange for the same from you.)
Height: 170 cm / 5'7''
Weight: 80 kg / 176 lbs
Body type: Average
Flat: Renting
Earning: Self employed
Car: No car
Married: Married more then twice
Kids: No kids
Smoking: No
Drinking: No
Additional: Cat friendly, Children friendly, Christian, Dog friendly, I speak English, Looking for asian soulmate, Looking for a woman to create a family, Looking for caucasian soulmate, Looking for latino soulmate, No bad habbits, No children, Pet friendly
Partner gender: Female
Partner age from: 25
Partner age to: 50
Offering type: Pay for trip in half
Offer: Not sure what to say here.I basically want a wife & actually would prefer a foreign one.I have limited funds & haven't traveled much.But love visiting new places, meeting new people, learning about different cultures, customs, ways of life. So if a lady wants to get to know me, we fall in love & plan to marry...When I come to meet you & get married, it would be great to travel as much as possible while together. (I suppose for our honeymoon if that is how you view it.) But in some countries, there are waiting periods required in order to be allowed to marry. So, we might wish to travel while awaiting paperwork and permissions. Yet, I do want to make this perfectly clear, I am an honorable man. With a personal code of ethics and Christian values. So, even if engaged & going to be married, until our wedding night, then our relationship and behavior must be proper & appropriate. (If needed an explanation or clarification as to what I mean, please ask and I will tell you. Thank you. Let me add this. I would love to do some traveling. I just mostly can't afford it. My limited funds will have to be used for my one trip to meet and marry my special lady, for the wedding, the honeymoon, for her and our future together. I'm not a gigolo or escort. I don't like to accept money or help from others. But, if I haven't met the woman of my dreams and still searching & waiting, (and since I don't think I will win any multi-million dollar lotteries HaHa!) and I'm not getting any younger so this may be my only real chance to see any of the world really, I am friendly, nice to be around, very caring & attentive. I am lonely too. If you are as well and have been blessed with wealth or even just have extra money you don't mind spending... if you just are alone and have no one, especially someone who cares about you and would be a good companion for traveling, and you hate to travel alone, AND you fully realize I am NOT offering services of any kind...Only friendship, companionship, and someone to travel with for a limited time...[However, if we could remain friends afterward & forever, that would be so welcome & fantastic.]...There really are too many lonely people and those who are alone & have no one.That is a shame.And some have money.If this fits you, I don't want your money.But if you are a kind, sharing soul who can afford it and would like to help someone who would like to travel but really hasn't the chance to do so and can't afford it on his own yet would make your own travel less lonely and truly enjoyable, then just talk to me. If you are willing to do this as a friend and for the companionship, (AND can afford it, because I'd never allow this or accept it unless you do have enough wealth giving you the freedom to travel as you wish & truly believe you have more than enough & would help just from the kindness in your heart and soul), then just contact me.If you are sincere, then we can talk.Maybe can work something out to let me travel a bit before I die.
Country preferences: Australia, France, Great Britain, Iceland, Russia
Additional: Active rest, Beach holidays, Culinary tourism, Excursions, museums, exhibitions, Hiking, I speak English, Looking for adventures, Pay in half, Photosessions
Planned months for travel: October 2018, November 2018, December 2018, January 2019, February 2019, March 2019, April 2019, May 2019, June 2019, July 2019, August 2019
Planned budget from: 1 USD | 1 USD
Planned budget to: 100 USD | 100 USD
Gender preferences: Female
Not younger then: 18
Not older then: 70
Offer: This is my city. I love it. And happy to show it and what it has to offer to nice, friendly person or person. Especially a lady or group of ladies. I'm safe, welcoming, comfortable to be around. However, I do not drive & speak only English. A good guide but an even better friend. I love meeting new people & getting to know them.As for price, I didn't even consider that. If I have the free time, then just happy to do it. So, if a cost, then if you wish for me to be a part of your activities, such as dining out, then you can pay for my meal. If to an event or something, you can pay for my ticket or admission. But I would charge for being a hospitable host. And showing you around, doing things with you. If you insist on some type payment, then you can offer a small tip. But I wouldn't do this for money. I'm not a professional or expert. I just like meeting folks, getting to know them, and enjoying each others company & life itself. Please tell me, if I do this, am I required to charge a fee for it? I don't want to do that. You don't charge for being a friend, or a good, kind, helpful person, do you? So, if I don't charge, then I don't have a price. So please disregard those boxes. But, had to put something down in order to save this. Lastly, I am not available to do this all the time. So if you will be visiting, contact me in advance. I will try to set up something to fit into your plans if I can be available during your visit, So just contact me to find out. Thank you. I look forward to meeting you and showing you the area & city I love.
Height: 170 cm / 5'7''
Weight: 80 kg / 176 lbs
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Charles Webb Knoxville

Charles Webb 62 years

Can show the city, Go for a walk together, Looking for a companion for a trip abroad, Looking for a girlfriend, Looking for a wife
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